If you have been vaping herbs, it is time for you to try out the waxes and oils as well. Vaping oils is extremely fun and give you an enchanted vaping experience. As I assume that you have not yet tried oils for vaping, I am going to tell you my personal experience for vaping cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil is extracted from the vegetable matter and the bud of the flowering female cannabis plant. The oil is specifically extracted from the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) from the matter obtained from the flower.


Cannabis oil is available in the market in different types and textures. You can also find cannabis wax in dark molasses like tar and you can also find cannabis oil in a pure golden yellow honey like oil. The color and texture of the end product mainly depend upon the process used to extract the cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is a 60% to 90% concentrated extract of the THC.

So Why Vaping Cannabis Oil?

Vaping cannabis oil can be quite tasteful and fun, but just like burning cannabis herb, it does produce free radicals as like the burning of tobacco and other herbs. So the best approach is to use a method so that we can get the tasty stuff from the cannabis oil and not the nasty stuff.

The common method of vaping cannabis is usually by using a glass bubbler or bong using a wand and nail setup. The nail is super-heated, and the cannabis oil is dabbed with a wand into the nail which results in vapors that can be inhaled by the person.

But a bong is way hotter for the oil which results in undesirable compounds and chemicals. Technically the song is not vaporizing the oil rather it combusts the oil resulting in compounds which are dangerous and not at all needed. Therefore, using a vaporizer is a better approach.

Some cannabis oil vaporizers are found in the market that is used specifically for vaping cannabis oil. Using the cannabis vaporizer, you can rub the oil on the foam pad which is then used to produce the vapors.

The first thing that comes under your consideration is the dense flavor of the cannabis oil, and the next thing is surely high. I recommend you to start off with real small amounts as the stuff is quite strong.